Say waste management and you say Geesink. This family business has been in the business since 1875. Geesink has always been the muscle guy: our products can handle bulky, industrial and even dangerous waste as no other in this industry. And they are virtually indestructible.

The Norba product line offers smart, solidly built and light-weighted waste collection vehicles, which answer to and lead the demands of modern waste disposal. Norba’s customers have always been concerned with the environment. Amongst them are companies who are at the core of re- and upcycling.

Kiggen has been active in de waste management industry since almost a century and is one of the leading manufacturers. The Kiggen products are characterised by their high quality and low maintenance. Having more than 90 years of experience, it is fair to say that the Kiggen compactors and services meet any waste management need.