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Wierzymy, że przed 2020 kązda flota będzie w stanie zbierać odpady bezemisyjnie. Jako pionierzy wprowadziliśmy rozwiązania elektrycznej śmieciarki już 20003 roku. Rezultaty poniżej. Czas się podłączyć!


Poznaj nasz 100% elektryczny GPMIV z LI-ON Power Pro

Slide Slide Our Intelligent Li-On Power Pro (LPP) Module connects with any electrical chassis Slide

„Electric vehicles are more economic and interesting than expected!”

Purchase Manager

„The low maintenance and operational costs are real game changer”


Fleet Manager

„Electric RCV drives and operates truly brilliant plus I`m home early!”


Waste Collector

Emission Free Road Tour 2020

Geesinknorba developed the first 100% full electric Geesink RCV on GINAF E3123. The project was initiated due to the increasing demand for full electric RCVs for use in urban areas. It brought three branch-related companies together: Truckland versatile truck dealer, Geesinknorba innovative body builder and GINAF manufacturer of electric chassis to develop this unique vehicle. After testing the vehicle thoroughly with more than one million kilometres in the field it is now available for demonstrations!

You can contact: André Komen here to book a demo!

Read the article here or watch the film!

Geesinknorba will be present on the “Cenex National Low Carbon Vehicle Event” in Millbrook. Various manufacturers will show their low carbon solutions and Geesinknorba will have their 26T full electric RCV available for a ride and drive experience. For everyone that wants to attend, contact Lauren Jones on

17 July

Geesinknorba supported the council of Durham on their “Climate Emergency Event”. Showcasing the full electric Fiveways RCV, people were informed and advised about the possibilities Geesinknorba can offer om emission free waste collection. From electric bicycle all the way up to electric RCV, they were all lined up showing to the public that full electric has made its way to HGV as well.

20 June

Geesinknorba supported Cambridge by organising a “ride and drive” with one of their full electric RCV’s, in this event the 26T full electric Econic owned by Fiveways. There was an overwhelming interest from local authorities and fleet managers. Everyone could sit in the cab and be driven with the RCV’s and also experience the loading of containers. People praised the smooth driving and convenient loading of containers and of course the overall silence. The presentation that was given informed all attendees about the latest status of technology, information about TCO was presented and again, awareness was created with the advice to investigate the current options in their depots and thinking about ordering one or to emission free RCV’s to create support and awareness in everyone’s organisation.

15-17 May 

APSE event in Aviemore, Scotland. Geesinknorba is present every year this event is held. Last year we introduced the first full electric RCV on the road. This year we informed the crowd about the progress we have made in the last year by summarizing all the vehicles in service at that time. This information was highly appreciated and the majority of the attendees were surprised things have moved so fast in just 1 year time.

13 – 14 May

In Helsingborg the “Recycling dagen 2019” were held. Geesinknorba was asked to present their vision and portfolio on emission free RCV’s. a various mix of speakers informed the audience of their solutions and attributions to lower emissions while treating and processing waste, smarter ways of separating waste and smart solutions to reduce the amount of plastic used in daily life. The presentation of the Geesinknorba portfolio made the circle round again.

23-24 January 

Geesinknorba was present at the Future Fleet Forum in London to inform fleet managers and fleet owners about the latest status of emission free RCV’s a presentation was held on the second day explaining battery technology in details, but also creating awareness that full electric RCV’s is not something for the future, but it already exists today. Range and performance anxiety were taken away by presenting live data of a 26T full electric RCV.


14 – 18 January

Geesinknorba started this year on a special place. Monaco. One week long we have had customers testing our full electric mini that was sent from the customer BIR in Norway down to Monaco. For several days drivers and loaders tested the RCV guided by the driver from BIR who came along with the vehicle.


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2003 - First Hybrid Plug-In Body

2008 - Plug-in V1









  • 72 V DC Lead/Acid Batteries
  • 16kW electrical motor
  • Oil hydraulics
  • Battery charger in cab 380V 16A
  • 3x24V Generators for complementary charging from chassis
  • Volvo FL618 4×2-4000
  • Legal Payload 5635kg

2008 - Plug-in V2

  • 72 V DC Lead/Acid Batteries
  • 16-23kW electrical motor
  • Oil or water hydraulics
  • Battery charger in cab 380V 16A
  • 3x24V Generators for complementary charging from chassis
  • Econic 6×2*4-3900
  • Legal Payload 10414kg

2008 - Plug-in V3

  • Weight:1.250 kg.
  • Capacity :
  • 72 V DC
  • 28,8 kWh
  • 16 kW electrical motor
  • Battery charger 380 V, 16 A
  • Complementary charging from chassis PTO
  • Battery type  :   Lead/Acid

2010 - Plug-in V4

Weight: 1.200 kg.


  • 72 V DC
  • 28,8 kWh
  • 16 kW electrical motor
  • Battery charger 380 V, 16 A
  • Complementary charging from chassis PTO
  • Battery type  :   Lead/Acid

2011 - Plug-in V5













Weight: 1.500 kg.

Capacity :

  • 72 V DC
  • 28,8 kWh
  • 32 kW electrical motor
  • Battery charger 380 V, 16 A
  • Complementary charging from chassis PTO
  • Battery type  :   Lead/Acid

2013 - First Li-On POWER Hybrid

2014 - Li-On Power ST (Standard) V2.0

Battery capacity : 15kWh
Diesel charging : Yes
Wall charging time* : 20 h

2015 - Li-On Power CC (Chassis Charge) V2.0

LI-ON Power CC (Chassis Charge)
The battery will re-charge while driving and using the chassis’
battery (left over) power.
Battery capacity : 15kWh
Diesel charging : No
Wall charging time* : 20 h
Chassis Converter Charging : Yes

2016 - Li-On Power CG (Chassis Generator) V2.0

This configuration is suitable for high performance environments. The PTO
and an onboard generator will re-charge the batteries while driving. Also
beneficial is the short charging time between shifts due to the high-power
wall charging system. This unit is ideal for multi shift operations.
Battery capacity : 15kWh
Diesel charging : No
Wall charging time* : 5 h
Chassis Generator Charging : Yes

2017 - Li-On Power - DBP (Double Battery Pack) V2.0

This configuration has a double battery capacity which is perfect for when
charging while driving/collection is not allowed. This unit is suitable for
double shift operation.
Battery capacity : 30kWh
Diesel charging : Yes
Wall charging time* : 12 h
* Maximum charging time needed when batteries are empty.

2017 - First Full Electric RCV

2018 - First Full Electric Mercedes Econic Low Entry


First full electric RCV in United Kingdom

Proven star of various demo and experience events



2018 - First Full Electric Mini









Incredible versatile all-rounder (She climbs mountains, navigates small inner city streets)

2018 - Mercedes Econic

On its way to be rented out and make a lot of users and inhabitants happy

2018 - Mini

To make Stavanger a cleaner place to live

Skupiamy się ndostarczaniu wysokiej jakości produktówi serwisu i pomocy naszym klientom by sprawić aby ziemia była przyjaznym miejscem do życia.

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  • 100% Przejrzystości w pracy śmieciarek
  • Zoptymizowany trasy
  • Redukcja kosztów
  • Pełna kontrola
  • Informacja o dziennym zużyciu energii
  • Infrmacja o ilości zebranych pojemników
  • Ilość godzin roboczych
  • Opcje eksportu danych

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