Kiggen compactor for KUHN

Our Kiggen compactors compress waste in a manner that leads to three major assets: reduction of waste, cutback of maintenance costs and less impact on the environment. This compactor features a 20 m³ container and a tipping device which has the major advantage of collecting bins effortlessly. Also, the tipping device will last long and…

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New Norba in operation

This new Norba N3 rear loader has been bought by Renovasjonen in Stavanger, Norway, and put to work collecting domestic waste and recycling materials. The unit features a chassis weighing system to meet the legal regulations. The greasing points have been lowered to enable service work from ground level. Congratulations with this new truck.

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Eerste 100% elektrische vuilniswagen in Rotterdam

(Rotterdam 29/05/2019) Vandaag introduceert wethouder Bonte (Duurzaamheid, luchtkwaliteit en energietransitie) de eerste elektrische vuilniswagen in Rotterdam. Deze heeft geen uitstoot en is bovendien een stuk stiller. Dat is goed nieuws voor het milieu en de luchtkwaliteit en daarmee voor de gezondheid van Rotterdammers. Rotterdam werkt aan een energiezuinige en circulaire stad met schone lucht. Het…

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Hydrogen RCV for Groningen

Perfection doesn’t happen overnight. Specially when it comes to developing a hydrogen (H2) waste collection vehicle for a modern and sustainable waste management. We supplied a hydrogen Geesink GPM IV with crane body to Milieudienst Groningen which is in a transition to an emission free fleet of vehicles.

Geesinknorba speaks at APSE Aviemore

Geesinknorba will be attending the APSE in Aviemore on 14-17 May. We will display several innovative products from our product portfolio. We will also speak at the seminar during the event. André Lagendijk, Product Manager at Geesinknorba, will talk about ‘Going forward, full electric and hybrid solutions. Where are we today? What are the developments…

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