New Norba in operation

This new Norba N3 rear loader has been bought by Renovasjonen in Stavanger, Norway, and put to work collecting domestic waste and recycling materials. The unit features a chassis weighing system to meet the legal regulations. The greasing points have been lowered to enable service work from ground level. Congratulations with this new truck.


Hydrogen RCV for Groningen

Perfection doesn’t happen overnight. Specially when it comes to developing a hydrogen (H2) waste collection vehicle for a modern and sustainable waste management. We supplied a hydrogen Geesink GPM IV with crane body to Milieudienst Groningen which is in a transition to an emission free fleet of vehicles.

New compactor for Van Gorp Greenfood

Kiggen produces four types of portable compactors. The PD 725 and 729, small and midsized, are suitable for restaurants, hotels and hospitals. The PD 731 and 745 are the best choice for large production sites, such as factories and transferstations. Van Gorp Greenfood has chosen for this PD 745 with 20 cubic meter container. A…


The new Norba N4 drives out

Recently the first versions of our new Norba N4 left our factory in Emmeloord. Obviously we are all very proud of this new breed of high-tech refuse collection vehicle`s that offer new possibilities for waste collectors. Check out how we waved the goodbye! More information about the new Norba N4 TH?


The new Norba N4 TH is here

Meet our new Norba N4TH! ….This no April Fools` joke!   This new Norba N4  is one the most effective and efficient RCV`s ever introduced. It is also one of the first products that is based on our new platform design. Check out why this is called the modular game changer….  


Reinigings Demo Dagen (RDD) coming soon

The RDD is a leading exhibition for the waste management and street cleaning industry in the Netherlands. The RDD take place on the 5th and 6th of June at a new and special venue. We will off course be present with interesting equipment and something special, stay tuned! Want to see more of our Events…


Taking the lead in the Nordic waste management market

Geesinknorba, Europe’s leading manufacturer of waste collection and waste transfer equipment, takes the lead in the Nordic waste management market. The Nordic branch, known as Geesinknorba AB, has existed since the amalgamation of Geesink Emmeloord and Norba AB of Blomstermåla when Powell Duffryn acquired Norba in 2000. The branch is responsible for the sales of…