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A favourite amongst our customers for managing heavy commercial waste is the PD731. The compactor is ideal for shopping centers and production sites, especially due to the large filling hopper of 2050 x 1700 mm and container volumes of 12.5 to 27.5 m3. The compaction power is 340 kN.

Options and Features

  • Different containers are available: 12.5 to 27.5 m3, with a hopper opening measuring 1700 x 2050 mm. The filling height is 1350 mm.
  • The ergonomic tipping device can handle 2 & 4-wheeled DIN containers effortlessly. 
  • The hopper can be closed with a spring balanced aluminum lid.
  • The rubber closing system ensures a leakproof operation.
  • Exclusive SmartPack© LCD operating technology. Users need a safety key to operate the compactor. 

Options and Features

  • The smart design prevents spillage and minimises the risk of loose debris scattering around. 
  • A sealed and leakproof system for all types of waste. The drainage tap can release unwanted fluids from the container.
  • The transport system that can be used to uplift and lower the container is either cable- or hook loading system.

Technical Specifications

Product type PD 731 PD 745 PD 731 PD 745
Compaction Force 340 kN 360 kN Filling opening 1700 x 2050 mm 2100 x 2050 mm
Compaction Volume 1.5 m3 2 m3 Filling height 1350 mm 1350 mm
Capacity 142 m3/h 144 m2/h Compaction cycle 38 sec 50 sec
Penetration inside container 450 mm 450 mm Electric motor 5.5 kW 5.5 kW
Ram dimensions, mm 500 x 1950 500 x 1950 Electric connection 3 x 400 m3 3 x 400 m3
Hopper volume 4.6 m3 6 m3
Container capacity 12.5 m3 15 m3 17.5 m3 20 m3 22.5 m3 25 m3 27.5 m3
Length, mm PD731 4650 5150 5650 6150 6650 7150
PD 745 5065 5565 6065 6565 7065 7565 8065
Width, mm 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500 2500
Height, mm 2520 2520 2520 2520 2520 2520 2520
Weight (approx.), kg 3835 4015 4195 4380 4555 4660 4995

Our products in operation

Having a wealth of experience, it is fair to say that our products meet any waste management need. Therefore, we would like to show you a selection of typical applications for our products. Our products are highly adaptable, so if you need a product for your specific application, please contact your local representative. 

Holiday resorts choose for Kiggen compactors

This Kiggen portable compactor has been delivered to a large holiday resort in the Netherlands. The customer has chosen for our products because they are reliable and durable thanks to the use of high quality and weather proof materials. 

The 10 m3 press container can compress volumes up to 6:1 times, therefore reducing the number of transportations needed. The PD 725 is our smallest compactor and therefore, needs only little space. The waste from the employees and guests from the hoilday resort can be loaded using the ergonomic tipping device, the side door or the custommade drum on the left side of the compactor. The smart design prevents spillage and ensures the environment around the compactor is always clean. 

Kiggen compactors for at shopping centres

Our Kiggen compactors are highly suitable for use at large warehouses and shopping centres. These five new compactors type PD 731 have a capacity of 15 m³ and there are many ways to load different types of waste and containers.

There are many ways to load the different types of waste and containers.

  • The ergonomic tipping device allows for emptying 125 to 1100l DIN containers
  • The comb can handle 2 two-wheeled 125-500l bins per cycle
  • With the DIN arms for 4-wheeled 600 to 1100l containers can be handled
  • Extra large side door for hand loading waste

The five compactors will be put at work at strategic places at the warehouses in and around the city. They will compress the waste collected by the warehouses and the shops in the neighbourhood. The waste will stored in stored in a 100% leakproof compactor without loose debris scattering around.

The ideal solution for hospitals

We have also delivered numerous portable compactors to hospitals and medical institutions. Jan Palfijn Hospital in Ghent Belgium, has chosen for the market-leading PD 731 press container. The compactors are made of robust and solid materials and the conical design of the containers ensures that waste will be compressed optimally. The new compactor has led to a site which is cleaner, odeur free and with waste that requires little handling prior to compaction.

This compactor has a volume of 17.5 m3 and needs only little space. The compactor is equipped with a SmartPack display, showing loading capacity. In addition, the compactor produces little noise. It has been awarded a certificate which confirms that the unit produces a noise abatement of only 67 dB.

The PTO compactors in narrow city streets in Amsterdam

The PTO compactor offers an efficient and uncomplicated solution for collecting underground waste. The PTO, a compact compressing unit mounted on the chassis, is highly suitable for processing waste in inner cities.

The PTO compactor is available in two different types – PD 731 and PD 745. The PD 731 is suitable for collecting household waste and recycling materials and the PD 745 is ideal for handling large amounts of paper and card board. The compactor uses the hydraulic system (PTO pump) of the chassis.

Geesinknorba has recently secured an order of three PTO compactors for Amsterdam. The PTO compactors feature a PD 731 press container that can carry a weight of almost 17 m3. Read more here

The best choice for heavy-duty work

The PD745 is the best choice for large production sites, such as factories and printing offices. The PD745 produces the highest compaction performance within an enclosed unit. The compactor has a ram system that produces over 34t of compaction force! With an increased loading opening this powerhouse is capable of handling large amounts of waste, such as card board, pallets and other heavy commercial waste.

Hessing BV (former Van Gorp Greenfood), a specialist in cutting and processing fruit and vegetables, have chosen for this PD 745 with 20 cubic meter container. A real powerhouse that can manage and compress the large amounts of residual waste from the factory easily. 

Kiggen solution for recycling centre Sitom

As a reliable waste management partner, we offer a wide range of portable compactors, with capacities from 6 to 25 m3 and many options available. Many of our products have been installed successfully at civic amenities and recycling centres. 

A good example is this new recycling centre in France. We have supplied five Kiggen compactors at the “De Saint Laurent d´Agny” municipal waste collection station in Sitom Sud Rhône in France. These PD745 compactors have a 22.5 m³ press container suitable for collecting all types of waste and recyclable materials. The compactors will be used to collect wood, scrap, bulky items and card board. The 5th compactor is additional and will be used when one of the containers is full and needs to be discharged at the recycling center. Read more here

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