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The GNG-Satellite Vehicle is small, but big in its performance. Ideal for use in large cities with the infamous small streets. Due to its smart and compact design the vehicle is very efficient and easy to use.

Small and agile

High compaction ratio

Very userfriendly

Small and agile
High compaction ratio
Very userfriendly

Unique features

The smallest satellite vehicle of Geesinknorba has some unique features. Due to its compact design it is ideal for use in inner cities and places where space to manoeuvre is limited. The satellite vehicle can compact the waste significantly; waste will be compressed maximally within 20 seconds. With the ergonomic lifter containers from 120 up to 360l and 770-1.100l containers (flat lid) can be handled.

Products and more

Satellite vehicles with single body
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The satellite vehicles with single body are highly suitable for the collection of recycling materials in urban areas. The modern body is very robust and built with high tensile steel. With the ergonomic lifter all standard containers up to 1.100 liter can be emptied. With a compaction ratio of 4:1 the unit can carry high quantities of waste on the route.

The unique unload tilting body system features rear hydraulic jacks and allows for easy discharging of the vehicle, also in a conventional RCV or skip container. The result is the ultimate use of the satellite vehicle. 

Product types:

VV 40 
VV 50 cmVV cm alu
VV 70 cmVV 80 cm 
SAT 600 DP SAT 700 DPSAT 1000 DP
SAT 700 CLR Side loader

Satellite vehicles with split body
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These satellite vehicles feature a double compartment for multiple waste stream collections with particular efficiency for food and organic waste due to the watertight sealed body, with optimised compaction ratios. The twin body equipment optimises two streams of selective waste for efficient long distance and rural areas collections. The compaction ratio is: 4:1

Independent unloading tipping body with hydraulic cylinders and two rear jacks with rollers. The perfect solution complete with split bin lift for recycling collections.

Products types:

Satellite vehicles mono coque
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These satellite vehicles are mid-size one piece body units with high compaction performance, due to the counter pressure provided by the compaction system and the ejection panel. The compaction ratio is 5:1 to achieve high productivity levels on the collection rounds. The comb bin lift is is capable of handling all EN standard bins from 120 -360l and 1000 – 1100l container with flat lid. 

Unloading operation by ejection plate is constructed with high-tensile abrasion resistant steel moved by double acting telescopic rams.

Choices & Options



To meet the increasing demand for separate waste collections, the satellite vehicle is also available as double compartment vehicle. Due to the watertight sealed body and optimised compaction ratios, the vehicle offers particular efficiency for food and organic waste collections.



As every application is different, the satellite vehicle is available in body volumes of 7,5, 8 and 9t.



The ergonomic lifter can empty containers up to 1100 liter. The side loader is also equipped with a special lifter.

Built to endure

  • Equipment CE machinery directive certification 2006/42/CE All iV.13
  • Circuit designed according to the Health & Safety en UNI EN1501-1 regelgeving
  • Manufactured by IRIDE uit Italië
  • For service & maintenance is carried out by the service engineers from Geesinknorba

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