Dealing with waste has become one of the greatest challenges of today. How can we cope with the massive amounts of waste that we are producing? How can we lessen the current pollution and environmental footprints? How can we transform waste into valuable goods?

These are the questions which keep our customers awake at night. They are the spearheads of the waste revolution.

International span of operation
Geesinknorba operates globally in countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain and Sweden. Our head office and manufacturing plant is located in Emmeloord, the Netherlands. Throughout Europe, more than 450 people work at Geesinknorba.


Our mission is to facilitate our clients to move forward in their waste revolution. As the world is getting more and more urbanised and densely populated, we offer practical and sustainable solutions to existing environmental challenges. We do so by creating and manufacturing products that meet our customers’ needs for excelling their businesses.


We have been building vehicles for almost 150 years. We know what is important for our clients. Reliable, solid, efficient and sustainable products that provide answers to the growing challenges. We believe in craftsmanship and manufacture the vehicles where the expertise is, and that is (mostly) in the Netherlands.

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Our Brands

We drive 3 powerful brands. Geesink the heavy duty muscle guy. Norba the agile lightweight. Kiggen the high quality low maintenance compactor.