“It is our mission to become a leading global company in the waste management industry by driving the decarbonisation of waste collection products and services”

We want to make our world a better and more sustainable place to live. A world in which we take better care of our resources and save precious time doing so. That is why we engineer, deliver and service innovative waste collection solutions for the waste management industry. Our three powerful brands Geesink, Norba and Kiggen bring unique effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use for our customers while lowering their Total Costs of Ownership. Join us on our mission!


Sprocket mission new

Making the world more sustainable as a leading global company in the waste management industry.


Sprocket vision new

We engineer, deliver and service waste management solutions that help our customers to make our world a better and more sustainable place to live. We enable our customers to save precious resources by providing high quality products with unique effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. We develop new solutions by anticipating on future topics to stay ahead.

Company Goals

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As a company we are aiming to:

  • employ excellent employees
  • create excited customers
  • become the waste management excellence authority
  • nurture our sustainable competitive advantage
  • drive sustainability

Driving Corporate Social Responsibility

Company Profile

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Building the future of sustainable waste collection and resource handling

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR / MVO)

Since the Geesinknorba company was established in the late 1800’s both people and the environment have been our main priority. As an organisation, we take care of the Planet, People and Profit, the three core values of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This means we are acting in an ethical and transparent way that contributes to the health and welfare of society. We follow the guidelines of ISO 26000, the international recognised guidance on Social Responsibility, in a practical way and as optimal as possible. And off course, we are stepping further…

Planet: Describes how we deal with environmental protection and how we continuously improve ourselves and our products for our customers in order to make a positive difference to the environment. People: Describes how we take care of our own people, anticipate the future and how we aim to improve the lives of the people operating our products or experiencing our services. Profit: Describes how we are nurturing our sustainable competitive advantage and aiming to improve the business case of our customers by contiously increasing the ease of use of our products and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Environmental Care – Corporate Policies

  • We are committed to a continuous improvement of our processes, usage of materials and energy to reduce pollution to the air, water and soil, and to reduce waste. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
  • We have an active and practical policy to reduce energy in our factory and our CO2 footprint.
  • We use the latest communication technology to meet people all around the world and avoiding unnecessary travel.
  • In 2018 we implemented an IT solution that facilitates process transparency in the production facility. This results in a significant reduction in the usage of paper.
  • We promote continuous process improvement in order to drive effectiveness and efficiency leading to a higher product quality.

Environmental Care – Products & Services

  • We provide “state of the art” Waste Management Solutions to our customers and users that make a substantial contribution to the sustainable use of resources, environmental and climate protection.
  • “Less CO2, less fuel, less noise” are proven and demonstrated in our products
  • Durable engineering and manufacturing, our products offer an unique durability and after the end of Life (EOL) our products offer a 99,3% recycle-ability
  • Industry leading development capability in electric refuse collection and handling, with over 15 years experience of hybrid and full electric vehicles.

Labour practice

  • We respect all national and cultural aspects of every country in which we operate.
  • We refuse to accept any form of forced labour
  • We have, in addition to the Collective Agreements, a framework with participation of our employees to create a safe and healthy environment to have a social dialogue.
  • We provide, within the scope of our possibilities, required and desired training for our employees.
  • We provide safe Waste Management Solutions to our customer and users according the latest techniques and safety standards.
  • Employees enjoy the benefit of acquiring a sport club membership with a considerable employee discount in order to improve vitality and health of the employees.

Community involvement and development

  • We maintain structural contacts with local and regional organisations to increase the education level of young people and to interest them in technical careers. Our aim is to fill vacancies as much as possible with local people.
  • We work with schools and universities to promote and develop knowledge within the local community.
  • We facilitate local social initiatives when possible. We feel it is important to support the local community by providing resources and/or organise activities to support them and to drive sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviour and awareness.

We are supporting the “Out doors Day” (Noordoostpolder Buitendag) by the Dutch Forestry Commission. The Out Doors day is an event that is organised in the Noordoost Polder in the Netherlands. The idea is to organise a large scale event for children to have them experience the wonders of being out doors in nature. As this is in our back yard we are excited to support this event. Another important element is the educational aspect of this event. Children can learn more about trees and the environment. There are also lots of educational activities such as building bird nests, tree houses, etc. from natural resources. Playing together in real life is also promoted. Especially the combination of environmental awareness with young children is something that relates to our company values and that is why we are proudly supporting this event as one of the main sponsors.

Fair operating practices

  • We tolerate no form of corrupt behaviour and take suitable precautions to prevent it.
  • We appreciate the contributions of our suppliers. We develop trustworthy relationships with all our suppliers.
  • We convey the principles laid out here to our suppliers and call upon them to respect these principles in turn.

Outstanding product quality & durability

  • We maintain one sustainable and transparent management system that focuses on a culture and mindset in which high quality standards, continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction have the highest priority and are a way of life.
  • Our Waste Management Solutions are robust and developed and designed to produce a longer product life cycle time and relating lower total cost of ownership.
  • ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised Quality Assurance Standard, which demonstrates to our customers that we are committed to quality and able to supply the quality needs. We have been approved to ISO 9001 since 1994 and has now been awarded accreditation to the enhanced ISO 9001:2015 standard.
  • We have been approved to ISO14001:2015. Furthermore, we have been approved to UTAC and to COP.
  • We are the only manufacturer in the industry outside France that is certified to the strict UTAC standards.
  • In other countries we are COP certified which means a complete certified product (road homologation).
  • It shows that our products comply with high quality standards, protects the environment and health and safety of the people working with our products.
  • Product safety is pivotal. Therefore, we have joined several European Technical Committees. Many of our safety systems have been incorporated into European safety standards.

Company History – almost 150 years going strong


2018 - Corporate rebranding Geesinknorba Group





In 2018 Geesinknorba performed a re-branding of its corporate identity. The new identity focuses more on its problem solving capabilities and services for waste management excellence.


2017 - Firion Investments

In 2017 Firion Investments acquires Geesinknorba. Geesinknorba and its advanced technological waste collection developments and production capabilities fit perfectly in its Green-Tech portfolio.

2012 - Mutares Acquires Geesinknorba



In 2012 Mutares, a restructuring specialist acquired Geesinknorba.

2009 - Platinum Acquires Geesinknorba

In 2009 the US Private Equity house Platinum Equity acquired Geesinknorba. Platinum was driven by the cash-flow stable business model.

2001 - Oshkosh Acquired Geesinknorba

In 2001, the US special vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh took over Geesinknorba. The aim was to acquire an attractive position in the European Automotive market.

1995 - Kiggen was included in the Group

Kiggen Compactors was founded in 1925 in the Netherlands and is know for its robust and high quality Compactors with an exceptional durability. By including Kiggen and its products in our Group, Geesinknorba enriched its portfolio and could benefit from product and service synergies.


In the 60s family owned company Geesink is bought by Powell Duffryn Holdings in the UK.

1913 - Norba Was founded in Sweden



Norba became the market leader for Refuse Collection Vehicles in Scandinavia.

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