Full Electric Norba MFs for Urbaser Denmark

Geesinknorba handed over the first of four Norba multi fraction rear loaders on full electric chassis to Urbaser Denmark. The full electric MF rear loaders are specifically designed for the Danish waste management company. The units feature a dual compartment body and can handle both 660l 4-wheel containers and split-bins that are commonly used in…

First hybrid RCV for Omega Containers

  Geesinknorba will deliver the first hybrid Geesink refuse collection vehicle to waste management company Omega Containers in The Hague. ‘We supply high quality waste management services in urban areas in the western part of the Netherlands. We see that reducing noise and CO² emissions is getting more and more important in our industry. This…

The new Norba N4 drives out

Recently the first versions of our new Norba N4 left our factory in Emmeloord. Obviously we are all very proud of this new breed of high-tech refuse collection vehicle`s that offer new possibilities for waste collectors. Check out how we waved the goodbye! More information about the new Norba N4 TH?

The new Norba N4 TH is here

Meet our new Norba N4TH! ….This no April Fools` joke!   This new Norba N4  is one the most effective and efficient RCV`s ever introduced. It is also one of the first products that is based on our new platform design. Check out why this is called the modular game changer….