We contribute to a clean, circular and sustainable world by empowering the waste-to-value industry. We are committed to advance our customers’ business by providing advanced waste management solutions that offer substantial added value and low TCO.


Our products and services help our customers to collect and recover resources in the most effective, efficient, safe way and….totally emission free. Join us on our mission!

No. 1 Expert in Emission Free waste collection

International Rules & Regulations are pushing for innovative alternatives. Low Emission Zones (LEZ) emerge, aimed to reduce emissions of fine particles, nitrogen dioxide and (indirectly) ozone. We believe that by 2020 any fleet should be able to collect and manage more resources while being totally emission free! As pioneers in waste  we have been engineering and developing electrical waste management solutions since 2003. Our technology and products are ready to make a positive ecological and economical impact. The results are here, time to plug in!

Hybrid Vehicles

Full Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen Vehicles

Excellent waste collection products

for any kind of collection

Geesink GPM IV GEC

Geesink GPM IV GES

Geesink GPM IV GHC

Geesink GPM IV GAC 6010

Geesink GPM IV GAC 2510

Norba N2 LWS

Norba N4 LWS

Geesink GPM IV TH


Geesink GPM IV X - LIFT

Kiggen PD731 PTO

Geesink GPM IV KT1

Kiggen PD745 PTO

Geesink GPM IV KT2

Norba MF300 L200

Norba MF 300 TH

Norba MF300 L500

Norba MF 300 Open Back

Geesink GPM IV GCB

Geesink GPM IV Split Lift

Geesink GPM mini

Norba N4 L200

Norba N4 LWS

Norba N4 TH

Norba N2 L200

Norba N2 LWS

Geesink GPM IV KT2

Geesink GPM IV TH

Geesink GPM IV Open Back

Geesink GPM IV X - Lift

Geesink GPM IV X - Force

Small Business, hospitality, food

Industrial Waste Collection

Municipal, Transfer Stations

Our solutions offer distinctive quality, safety and ease of use!

150 years of experience and passion form the DNA of our company and products. The GNG products and services offer distinctive quality, safety and ease of use. We follow the “Continuous Improvement” principle to ensure we meet customer expectations. All of our products are engineered with the customer demands in mind and also consider the latest rules & regulations. Therefore our products are fit-for-use and fit-for-purpose. Our central Quality Assurance department follow a QIRP procedure that continuously identifies opportunities to improve our production. We are proud to be certified with SO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 procedures and processes.

All of our international branches and distributors are closely aligned with our QA department. Our central and local service departments are integrated as well to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and experience. Furthermore we take our Corporate Social Responsibility Seriously