GeesinkNorba has received an order for 34 Norba refuse collection vehicles. The units will be delivered to Renonorden Sweden for domestic and commercial waste collections in Stockholm.

The order comprises of 30 single-chambered N2 and 4 double-chambered MF rear loaders. The N2 units are fitted with manual comb lift to hoist containers from 140 to 1.100 litre capacity. Two units are also equipped with a winch system to be able to empty the large 8m³ skip containers.

The MF has two separate compartments and is thus capable of processing two different types of waste in one round. Two sealed compartments separate the waste in order to minimize the risks of cross contamination. Collecting different kinds of waste and operating the rear loader is much faster. In other words: rounds are more efficient and speeded up.

The units will be fitted with the latest LI-ON Power hybrid technology to power the body and lifter electrically. Having the possibility to operate and process waste with the LI-ON Power, the units respond to the changing environmental demands of waste collection. Renonorden can offer its operatives a clean, silent and healthy environment.

Thomas Thuresson, General Manager Nordics, said: “Renonorden will receive 34 excellent vehicles that are fitted exactly as they want them. The units have many innovative features to increase efficiency and meet today’s sustainable demands. It’s hardly surprising these are one of the most popular vehicles we sell.”

Renonorden is one of the market leaders in waste management in the Nordic countries where they provide an efficient and professional waste management across more than 300 municipalities. They explain: “We face many geographic and logistical challenges every day, so we need reliable and efficient vehicles that allow our operatives to get on with the task at hand. We have chosen for Norba’s because of the superior delivery capacity, achievable payload and innovative technology – all of which benefit our staff and the people that we serve.”

The vehicles are delivered with RFID and bin weighing systems on the lift. All units will be mounted onto a gas driven Mercedes Econic chassis with low-entry cabs.RenoNorden RenoNorden 2