In 2014, L’Arca del Maresme won the waste collection and street cleansing contract for the municipality of Argentona in the Comarca del Maresme region of Catalonia. The contract involves the collection of non-recyclable waste, organic waste and dry recyclables from a population of 12,000 people.

To enhance the waste collection service, L’Arca del Maresme has purchased two hybrid LI-ON Power N2-series rear loaders from Geesinknorba. These two new units will accompany an existing Geesinknorba KT2 24 m³ capacity refuse collection vehicle fitted with a roof mounted crane operated by L’Arca del Maresme. The municipality of Argentona had previously studied the use of Geesinknorba refuse collection equipment from their experience of the KT2 24H25 unit already working on their fleet and had therefore stipulated that this was the equipment they wanted used in the municipality. According to the municipality, the reasons for this were due to Geesinknorba’s equipment contributing to high efficiency operationally while also reducing maintenance and whole life costs.


The use of hybrid technology was further strengthened by the municipality and L’Arca del Maresme’s longer term environmental strategy being based on reducing CO² and noise emissions and also improving the general air quality of the local environment. This is underpinned by the municipality working in conjunction with the Diputació de Barcelona in reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2020 to meet the requirements of the Climate Change Act 2008. One of the technical and operational advantages of the hybrid LI-ON Power units fitted on the two new Geesinknorba N2 vehicles supplied to Argentona municipality are that the units are electrically operated and provide a noise free waste collection service when collecting waste in the middle of the night.

Other benefits include the use of a lithium ion battery that has been specially designed and manufactured for Geesinknorba. The LI-ON Power unit weighs 500 kgs which includes the weight of the battery, electric motor and electric pump so it does not have any effect on the N2’s payload that the unit can legally carry. The Renault truck chassis recharges the LI-ON Power battery when the vehicle is moving from one collection point to another.

Miguel Angel Morales, commercial director for Geesinknorba Spain, says: “Geesinknorba has more than 12 years experience with hybrid systems for waste collection vehicles. This has contributed to environmental benefits such as reducing CO² emissions, improving air quality and overall, improving the environment in general.

“Geesinknorba has sold 60 hybrid waste collection vehicles to Spanish cities and towns. The first unit was delivered in 1996 which demonstrates Geesinknorba´s commitment to continually investing in developing its hybrid systems to provide sustainable waste collection systems for Spain, Europe and the wider world underpinned by the company’s 20 years experience in this field.”

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