GeesinkNorba and Dubai Municipality reached an agreement to supply seven GPM IV rear loaders to Dubai. The rear loaders were produced and mounted onto chassis in the manufacturing facility in the Netherlands. After a boat trip of 30 days from Bremen Harbour, the units will arrive in Dubai end of January.

The GPM IV rear loaders have a body capacity of 24 m³ and are mounted onto Mercedes Benz Actros. Two units are fitted with an ACB lifter to handle the large skip containers. The other units will be used by the operators of the Horticultural department to collect bags and bulky waste.

The order is a result of a tender which was submitted by Gargash Enterprises, the Mercedes Benz authorized distributor for Dubai. The units are fitted with a weighing system of Welvaarts.

If you want to see the start of the journey of our vehicles to Dubai you can watch the film here, on our YouTube channel.