To meet the demands of urban waste collection for the near future, GeesinkNorba has manufactured – in close collaboration with Emoss – a brand new truck: a full electric Geesink Mini rear loader. As the name indicates, the complete vehicle – body and chassis – is electrically driven. And this is no less than a revolution in the waste management industry.

The assets of this innovative vehicle are numerous: no noise pollution, CO₂ emissions free, compact, light-weighted, easy to handle and navigate and extremely manoeuvrable. This vehicle is only two metres wide and barely 3 metres high. This means that it offers an ideal waste management solution for densely populated urban areas, packed with narrow streets and bridges.

While being electric, this does not necessarily mean that the vehicle compromises its payload and mile coverage. The vehicles need 1.4kWh to collect and compact 1t of waste. Depending on the collection round, a vehicle needs around 1kWh per kilometre to drive.

This new full electric vehicle applies to the regulations that will become active in the coming years. For example, the new regulations of the institution of LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and CAZ (Clean Air Zones) that is being prepared in 220 cities and towns in the European Union.

Interested? You can see the vehicle at its international premiere at the 2018 IFAT in Munich (standnr. FGL 711/9). Or contact our sales department: +44 (0) 1443 222 301.

Geesink LI-ON Power PRO

The launch of the first Geesink LI-ON Power PRO took place in 2017.