Geesinknorba is proud to announce that it has supplied Hybrid Plug-In units to Singapore. These units joined the fleet of Colex Holding Ltd, a leading waste management company in Singapore, and will contribute to companies’ environmental goal to provide clean and green waste management services to the inhabitants and companies of the city-state.

The new fleet will have a positive effect on the air quality by achieving zero CO² emissions during the lifting and packing operation. The engine can be switched off when the driver leaves the vehicle and starts the operation which means an exhaust free and noiseless operation. It is appreciated by the residents and the operators can work in a more pleasant and healthy environment.

“This proven hybrid technology in combination with high reliability and low total cost of ownership has helped us to earn this order,” says Zeki Bolat, Export Manager of Geesinknorba. “We are proud to that we can supply these environmental friendly vehicles to the city as air pollution is considered to be a serious problem in Singapore.”

The units have been taken into operation by employees from the Geesinknorba factory. The people from Colex have received a comprehensive training enabling them to operate and maintain the new equipment. The operators are also backed by the remote service support from Geesinknorba to increase operational efficiency of the new fleet. The total order comprises two GPM III Hybrid Plug-In with 20m³ body and GCB1000 lifting device and a GPM III with 22m³ body and lifting device from a local supplier.

In March 2014 Geesinknorba will deliver an order of two Hybrid Plug-In units and GPM III TH to 800 Super Holdings, a waste management company in Singapore. These units were sold through our partner Megafab Engineering Pte Ltd in Singapore.