GeesinkNorba is proud to announce that it succeeded the UTAC audit with which the current certificate will be prolonged for another 3 years. The certificate confirms that we mount refuse collection vehicles in compliance with the French road legislations in our production facility in Emmeloord, the Netherlands.

UTAC certification ensures that all our products meet the stringent French road legislations allowing the vehicles direct access to the roads in France. Our customers are the first to benefit from our efforts and quality improvements to continue the UTAC certificate. It is also a positive incentive for our employees and shows their knowledge and craftsmanship.

This UTAC certificate, which is unique for a company outside France, complements the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the GeesinkNorba headquarter and its branches. This ensures a continuous focus on customer satisfaction, safety and maintenance as well as an environmental sound management at GeesinkNorba.

The audits were managed and conducted by the French certification body UTAC in June 2016.