The Norba MF-Series, known for collecting waste separately, has been expanded by a new and improved type: the FLEXI 4. This rear loader, with an additional compartment between the chassis and the body, boasts an innovative feature, meeting popular ecological demands.

Processing four kinds of waste separately

What is so special about the FLEXI 4? Well, the compartment is divided not into one or two, but four parts and is thus capable of processing four kinds of waste, including non-compressible waste such as glass, metal and other recycling materials – all in one round. The sealed compartments separate the fractions in order to minimise the risks of cross contamination.


Having the possibility of collecting separately, the FLEXI 4 responds to the changing demands of waste collection. The FLEXI 4 rear loader not only supports downsizing the amount of waste produced by households, but also stimulates upcycling. Being able to separate refuse in four compartments, more and more waste can be transformed into new products.

Further improvements

The FLEXI 4 has many improvements, both technical and user-friendly:

  • improved cycle time: The automatic side lifter, attached to the compartment, empties the bins swiftly and efficiently. Together with the split lifter on the rear you have full automatic loading equipment.
  • high-tensile steel: using this material, the unit is robust yet light and flexible, easy to operate and perfectly fit to use in cities as well as on country sides.
  • Easy and safe to operate: its ergonomic design and handy control panels provide operational safety. Naturally, all lifters are CE approved.
  • Less maintenance: its robust technical improvements, such as the side bin lift and patented emptying process, have resulted in a more durable unit which requires less maintenance.
  • flexibility: the Flexi 4 can be used for different types of chassis, also gas chassis and can be operated dually. In addition, it can be equipped with smaller bins for battery and light bulbs sorting to allow for a 6, 8 or more fraction unit.

What are the FLEXI 4’s assets for your business?

To put it quite simply: with the FLEXI 4 you are likely to outshine your competitors. Collecting different kinds of waste and operating the rear loader is much faster. In other words: the rounds are more efficient and speeded up. Furthermore, the unit is very durable, with a high quality reducing maintenance costs greatly. And, last but not least: the FLEXI 4 is competitively priced.

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