Eleven state-of-the-art Geesinknorba refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) have been delivered to the Dorset Waste Partnership for domestic and garden waste collections in the county.

The vehicles are all 22m3 single-chambered GPM IV bodies mounted on Mercedes Econic 6×2 rear-steer chassis with low-entry cabs. They are fitted with Geesinknorba’s automatic twin split bin-lift to hoist containers from 140 to 1300 litre capacity. And the vehicles are also fitted with the latest safety equipment, including a four-camera Exeros 4 recording system with removable HDD recorder. The first vehicles were delivered on schedule before Christmas and are already active in the ‘Recycle for Dorset’ kerbside collection scheme provided by the Dorset Waste Partnership for its partner authorities. Geesinknorba’s GPM IV – known as the New Vulture – is one of the most efficient RCVs available in the UK, designed with reduced body weight while maintaining integral strength and durability.

Geesinknorba’s UK Business Director Mick Hill said: “We’re delighted to do business with Dorset Waste Partnership. They’ve got 11 excellent vehicles that are fitted exactly as they want them. “The modular approach of our designers’ means the GPM IV bodies have been stripped back to basics with all unnecessary items removed so only those pieces of equipment needed are added. This helps keeps the costs down – customers only pay for the equipment they need. “It also keeps operational costs down too – this approach to the design means body weight has been reduced by hundreds of kilos and redistributed to maximise performance while maintaining its integral strength. And, in the process, the body has also been given a more streamlined fit for optimum fuel efficiency. “It’s hardly surprising that these are the most popular vehicles we sell.”

As the first vehicles were delivered, Mick Hill was there to hand over the keys to the Dorset Waste Partnership’s Director Karyn Punchard. She said: “The Dorset Waste Partnership collects waste from over 200,000 households across the county. We face many geographic and logistical challenges every day, so we need reliable and efficient vehicles that allow our operatives to get on with the task at hand.
“The New Vulture was chosen for its cost, delivery time, build quality and achievable payload – all of which benefit our staff and the people that we serve.”


Geesinknorba’s UK Business Director Mick Hill hands the keys to the first vehicle to Dorset Waste Partnership Director Karyn Punchard.