GeesinkNorba delivered this Geesink rear loader to BIR Transport AS in Bergen, Norway. The GPM IV rear loader with crane and chute offers the perfect solution to empty underground containers, bottom dischargers or bags. This innovative system brings many benefits, such as no spilling due to the chute’s clever design and disposing the refuse through the chute into the large hopper effortlessly. For operators this unit is easy to use, whilst speeding up the collecting process.

Due to the high loading capacity of the Geesink GPM IV, the KT1 is capable of processing more waste than before. Consequently, the operators spend less time on transporting the processed waste to landfill sites or incinerators and have more time to collect refuse. The rave flap at the back of the chute conveniently opens in order to collect bags or bulky waste easily.

BIR Transport has added this unit to its fleet to empty underground containers containing glass, metal and other residual waste. This unit features a HIAB 211 crane and washing system from Bekker La Gram. When the container is empty, it will be cleaned with a rotary washing tool. The water will be collected in a separate tank to avoid spillage. Scania delivered the chassis.

We would like to congratulate BIR Transport with this new truck. Watch a film of the unit here.

Geesink GPM IV to BIR Transport